Fertinagro Biotech, leader in the production of sustainable, high-technology fertilisers.


    Nothing will give you more for less

    We offer economic profitability without sacrificing environmental sustainability, reducing the cost of nutrition and improving productivity per hectare so that the farmer siempre le salgan las cuentas.


    Maximising resources

    We improve crop yields with more efficient fertilisers, adapted to new regulatory frameworks that limit the application of mineral nutrients such as nitrates.


    Seeking to innovate

    Every year we develop new biotechnological nutritional solutions that position us at the forefront in the development of next-generation fertilisers.


    From the conventional to the most advanced

    Diversified production in our 28 plants that allows us to offer our customers the most complete range of products on the market.


    Working with the farmers

    We work daily with the farmer, designing personalised nutrition plans, tailored to each soil and crop, adapted to the specific needs of each farm.

Commitment to innovation

We invest more than 5 million euros a year into R&D&I and we have the most cutting-edge and advanced technical laboratories in Europe

Manufacturing Capability

We have 28 factories with production capacity of more than 2 million tonnes per year

Fertinagro around the world

We are present in more than 80 countries with 22 commercial subsidiaries distributed throughout the world

years of history
and experience

offices in




An offered tailored for you

If you want to learn about the Fertinagro nutritional solutions available in your region, visit the product website for your country. 22 subsidiaries around the world have developed a specific range of products adjusted to the needs of your soil and crop.

Do you need sales help?

If you are interested in marketing any of our products or simply want to know which is the closest distributor in your country, contact our team at Fertinagro International, they will be happy to help you.

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Centro empresarial Galileo
c/ Los Enebros, 74. 44002 Teruel (Spain)